How to install ThRadio on your server

ThRadio is powered by Docker and uses pre-built images that contain every component of the software

Installing ThRadio yourself requires a basic understanding of the Linux shell/terminal environment, as well as root (or "sudo") access to the computer you're installing ThRadio on.


ThRadio uses a reverse proxy by Caddy, if you wish to configure LetsEncrypt you must have a domain (e.g. or a subdomain ( configured to point to the IP of your ThRadio installation.

You can read more here


Pick a base directory on your host computer that ThRadio can use. If you're on Linux, you can follow the steps below to use the recommended directory:

mkdir -p /var/thradio
cd /var/thradio

Use these commands to download our Docker Utility Script, set it as executable and then run the Docker installation process:

curl -fsSL >
chmod a+x
./ install

On-screen prompts will show you how the installation is progressing.

Post-Installation Steps

Once installation is complete, you should immediately visit your server's public web address. This may be the IP of the server, a domain name (if you've registered one and pointed it at the server), or localhost if you're running ThRadio on your personal computer.

The initial web setup consists of the following steps:

Creating a Admin user
Customizing important ThRadio settings, like the site's base URL

Don't worry if you aren't sure of these items yet; you can always make changes to any of the items after setup is complete.

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